To accommodate parents and students who would like to minimize their commute or who would like scheduling flexibility, we offer in-home classes and lessons. Parents who are interested in this option and who can put together a group of students in their home should contact us for more details. Although we offer one-on-one instruction, we believe that the kind of collaborative learning that happens in a group is highly beneficial to each student, and we encourage parents to put together a class if possible.

Our small class size enables us to address students’ individual concerns. In particular, we carefully prepare for every session, which is customized to meet the needs of each student. In addition we help each of our students create a custom online portfolio, which showcases the student’s math and computer science projects.

Note: The first session of any new class is free. If a student drops or joins a class, the rate per student increases or decreases based on the new total number of students in the class.
Number of StudentsHours per ClassHourly Rate per Student
5 or more2$40


Scheduling is flexible but depends on instructor and student availability. If a third or more of the students in a class cannot attend a session, it must be rescheduled so that the class stays on track.