The latest generation of web technologies have made it possible for us to offer real-time online classes that are similar to our local classes. Students anywhere in the world can now sign up for our classes and receive the same personalized attention that they would receive if they lived near us. Our teaching methodology and curriculum are the same online and offline, but to ensure that they run smoothly, our online classes have a maximum enrollment of 5 students. We make exceptions to this rule in special circumstances, like when we run online enrichment activities and training sessions. If you would like to enroll more than 5 students in a class please contact us.

Just like in our offline local classes, our small class size enables us to address students’ individual concerns. In particular, we carefully prepare for every session, which is customized to meet the needs of each student. In addition we help each of our students create a custom online portfolio, which showcases the student’s math and computer science projects.

How it Works

The logistics of online classes are similar to those of regular classes. The instructor writes on a shared virtual whiteboard where students can also show their work that everyone else in the class can see. This is analogous to students coming up to a whiteboard in a regular class and presenting their ideas and problem solutions to the whole class. All classes use audio so that students and instructors can hear each other and many classes use video as well, but no special equipment is required besides a computer (or tablet) and a high speed internet connection. Just as in our in-person classes, one instructor is assigned per class and teaches it for its entire duration. If the instructor’s schedule permits, classes can be rescheduled to accommodate students’ needs and we don’t require a long-term commitment or up-front payment for multiple classes.


After you sign up for a class, you will receive an email from the instructor of the class explaining the logistics in more detail and how payments should be made. If the the type of class you request is not currently available, you will be given other options and can discuss them with the instructor. To sign up or learn more about online classes, please contact us.


After the first session of a class (which is free), payment should be made either for the following two or four classes depending on the particular type of class. Payment details will be provided in the instructor’s introductory email, and a payment schedule can be set up that is convenient for everyone in the class.

Note: The first session of any new class is free. If a student drops or joins a class, the rate per student increases or decreases based on the new total number of students in the class.
Number of StudentsHours per ClassHourly Rate per Student
5 or more2$40


Scheduling is flexible but depends on instructor and student availability. If a third or more of the students in a class cannot attend a session, it must be rescheduled so that the class stays on track.